March 3, 2022

FUMCD Friends and Family,

Due to the CDC’s updated COVID-19 guidelines, beginning Sunday, March 6th, we will no longer require masks on our campus. This guidance is for all our ministries, including music and children, except for our school, which follows different guideline. We do strongly recommend the continued use of masks, as well as the other measures we have available to us, including vaccinations and boosters, social distancing, and hand washing. The test-positive rate in Dallas County is falling but is still high and is likely to rise again if we cease all our mitigation efforts. (I recommend to you UT Southwestern Medical Center’s modeling, which can be found at

I hope you will be aware of the needs of the more vulnerable folk who work and worship among us. If you are in close contact with someone who is wearing a mask, go ahead and put yours on for their sake. If you are aware that someone in your class, meeting, or small group has underlying health conditions, or lives with someone who is vulnerable, go ahead and mask up. Don’t make them ask. Let’s continue to show our love and care for one another in this way.

We are still very much in an active pandemic and are still learning how best to live within a new reality. Our mitigation guidelines will continue to fluctuate with the rise and fall of new variants, vaccines, and treatments. Welcome to the new normal.

I am grateful for you.

Pastor Abril

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